Changes are happening everywhere! That’s exciting and I’m happy about it! Let’s take a second to get up, dust ourselves off and remember that we are doing our best. If your best doesn’t feel good enough I understand. Sometimes I put everything I have into myself, my work, my projects or life in general and I feel as though I am falling short. So if you feel that way RIGHT THIS MOMENT than I hope the title of this struck you because it’s TRUE!

The good part, energy flow is real deal all day and all night. It comes and goes and right now it’s a title wave on it’s way in. Right now is the time to cut those old energy cords that serve you for nothing and create new ones. The bad part, the downside? You are responsible for the change! You are in control! Want to get yourself moving in a positive direction? I mean in anything? This is a moment in time to do it! If this is in your head and you are not doing something about it there will be resentment, anger and feelings of being left behind.

You read the title and thought “Yes! Finally! Things can change.” Yes. 100% they can and for the better. I’m sure you’ve heard this, read it and seen it on television: No one is making the change for you!

I’m guilty of missing the wave many times myself so I’m not just giving you the business like a grumpy old man, I’m telling you I’m human, I mess up and that we all do. What I’m telling you as someone who feels energy very deeply is that the positive wave of energy we are being pushed with right now should be able to be felt by all. Even with all of the seemingly endless “bad” the news and internet has been pumping at us things are actually ok.

Take a little while to reflect on what’s been bothering you and follow these three easy steps to helping you clear the old and begin with the new.

1. Write down the things that are a burden. Explain on paper why they are a burden.

2. Decide if you can fix the issues or that you cannot. Are they your issues or other peoples issues? Do you want to change? (That is the critical question.)

3. Destroy the paper. Safely use a candle to burn the paper. Be mindful and meditative as you do it. Watch the flame. Watch the smoke. Tell yourself you are relieved of the burdens and welcome positive change into your life.

If you complete these steps and don’t feel better, dig deeper and be very honest with what your true issues are. Remember this is for you and no one else. Unburden yourself to allow the positive change you deserve and remember that if you are readings this than at this moment is the perfect time to make that change.

Good luck! Thanks for the support and I’ll see you soon.


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