There are certainly many different names for folks who can “see into the future.” Fortune Teller, Gypsy, Psychic, Seer and I’m sure many more. What makes a person Psychic or any if the things listed above? Practice is the short answer! That’s really what it takes and no matter how good you “naturally” are you must practice. I talk at length on this blog about meditation and focus and of course setting intentions but those are just the steps to opening the psychic gifts. Once you grab those coat tails of the Universe and start to get a glimps of your own abilities and what may actually lay ahead of you in your journey you must practice.

Let’s quickly list a few things that help one practice. Let’s say 3 easy Psychic Exercises to get you going and that you can use every day!

1. Before turning on the television in the morning make a mental note of one News Anchor or daily TV show host. Think about them for that day. See what they are wearing. Is there a certain solid color on them? An animal print dress perhaps? Shoes that really stand out or fancy jewlery you could describe to someone else? Once you have the thought in your head, write it down! Then turn on the tv and see what that person is wearing. Were you right on? Close? Not close at all? It’s ok if you didn’t get it today, you wrote it down. Maybe tomorrow or someday soon exactly what you envisioned will be just what they are wearing. You’ll feel validated and amazing once you start to hone in on the details every day. Thats the first and easiest psychic exercise.

2. Clear your mind. Who is someone you have not heard from in a while but would be likely to contact you? Write that name down. Then write a time line as to how long from this day you feel they will contact you. Is it tomorrow? Next week, maybe next month. Write down your prediction and don’t be afraid to be wrong. Its about getting close, then closer and closer as you develop. Want an extra challenge to this? Write down why they are contacting you. Extra points if you got it!

3. This one is fun. Try to psychically pick up on peoples birthdays. Try with celebrities since you can look the info up to verify it. I suggest to pick a favorite celebrity of yours, picture them in your head and see what indicators come to you for Birthday signs. Do the numbers just pop up? Can you see the name of the month? Maybe you are super in tune and the Zodiac sign they were born with appears. Whatever the sign is, write it down. Then look up the person and verify it! That is so fun! Pick one a day and see how quickly you start understanding how your Psychic voice speaks to you and gives you information.

Birthday? Scroll to the bottom to find out. Are you right?

These little excercises are meant to be helpful and non-defeating, which means that if you don’t get it right immediately keep trying because you WILL get it! If you found this helpful please make sure to pass it along to a friend or family member who also may like to test their own skills and then develop them further.

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Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day and good luck with your practice and progress, please feel free to leave questions or comments below.


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