As Halloween gets closer we are thinning the veil and for non-psychic, thrill seeking horror obsessed adventurers the Ouija Board is the ticket to the other side. The questions is “Are you brave enough to play?”

I am and its an absolute thrill, the planchet slides across the board, letter to letter, yes, no, Goodbye…”I’m not moving it! Are you?” Is exclaimed by users, oh the delight. An invisible force is pushing a physical object and actually communicating! Have you had this experience? Did you light candles and burn incense, a very low lit room and a dramatic scene is set. Sitting criss cross applesauce with a friend, the tension is palpable. You both place your fingers lightly on the triangle with the glass “eye.”

“Is there anyone there who wants to speak with me?”

The planchet nudges upward, slowly…”Yes” an unknown force answers. You and your friend let get go of the planchet. Shocked…”It moved.”

Whats next? You put your fingers back on the planchet and you ask for a sign that a Spirit is present. “Can you show yourself? What is your name?”

The planchet once slow and groggy jumps to life under your fingers! Quick it moves, you can barely hold on to it! Figure 8’s over the board are preformed over and over again! “Who is this?” You exclaim!

The planchet stops dead in the center of the board. The room feels colder, darker, smaller. Slowly your fingers are guided to the first letter of this entities name “Z”…the next “O”…again…”Z”…and it stops on…”O.”

What have you contacted? You pull your hands from the board. Your friend stares at you, mouth open. A knock from the corner of the room! The wind? A louder knock follows, that’s 2…the candles dim and the flames almost extinguish..a third knock so hard your crossed legs feel the floor shake below you! A face appears! You jump, screaming, throwing the board and turning on the lights to the room. Your friend is standing in the middle of the room, glassy eyed and shaken. Everything in your room is visible and you here a voice…“I am ZOZO AND YOU HAVE AWAKENED ME!”

You bolt like lightening away from the room leaving your friend as they are still in a trance, your feet don’t feel the stairs below them, out the front door. You look up into your room. Your friend is at the window and a dark hooded figure appears behind them. The lights flicker, the hooded figure is gone and so is your friend.

Afraid still, adrenaline pumping you get strength to enter your home, you’ve lived here for years, had holidays and birthdays here, watched television with your family here, the safety that once was is gone. You make your way up to your room. Each step upward is a crushing weight on your chest. Like being compressed by heavy stones. Your breathing is almost nothing now but every breath is loud like thunder in your ears. You walk several steps to your room. The lights are on…the Ouija board, the candles, your friend are all gone…

What now?

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