As this pandemic keeps on and most of us are doing our part by staying home I realize that even for myself it is becoming harder and harder to stay grounded. Emotionally, physically and mentally the entire world is being challenged. Nothing like this has happened in my lifetime, and probably not yours. My children though, they are seeing it now and may see something like it again. They won’t be prepared for it though if it happens again, unless I show them how to ground and to stay healthy mentally, Spiritually and physically.

I think that Spiritually being grounded at a time like this is the anchor, the most fundamental part of yourself, each of us and can keep the mental and physical going through a trying time like this. What do I mean by being “grounded?” Well, it’s up to each of us individually how to apply what I’m speaking about. For me, meditation and praying are my grounding techniques. They are the usual however what’s happening now is that I have not been doing readings or dipping into the Spirit world for anyone but myself and my family. My Guides stopped me a few weeks before all of this began and basically told me it was time to recharge and I my Spiritual Energy battery is at maximum capacity.

So, what have you been doing to stay grounded while inside without contact from your friends and family? Chores, house work? Organizing that pile of mail? Maybe you’ve been making videos for youtube or facebook? “Those are grounding?” You may ask. Yes! Anything that helps you center back into yourself, your thoughts, your Spirit your POWER!

I decided to write this today, after being very quiet about the pandemic mostly the whole time because I know people needed something to help them through from an unbiased place. No agenda, like always, I just want YOU to be your BEST! You are the most important person, you must be strong and to be strong you need a sturdy base and a deep grounding!

Want an easy way to ground? Close your eyes. Imagine a rope hanging from your belly button. It’s the longest rope ever. It has an anchor at the end, drop the anchor to the ground. It penetrates to the center of the Earth and the rope becomes taut. You are grounded to Mother Earth. Push your worries down to Her, She is ok with that. She will return positive energy to you and renew your Spirit!

Please take care of yourself. Reach out to me and say hello. Watch some of my funny, serious and sometimes goofy videos on YouTube. Hang out with me on Facebook or Instagram. I’m always around. Stay healthy and happy and remember to stay grounded. We are almost through this.


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  1. I’ve been growing an herb garden, sitting in the sun, cleaning my “fortress of solitude” rock room, and doing research. I’m glad you recognized that you needed a break. You are a giving person and that can be to your detriment if you don’t pace yourself. I had to learn that as well.

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