When people ask “How did you know you had this ability?” I always tell them

“I didn’t know!”

What did I know? That when I was getting information from beyond my 5 senses that it had to be verified and that and I wasn’t going to overthink it.

Don’t overthink your intuition! That’s the number 1 rule to understanding your higher self and your knowing of information beyond your 5 senses. For instance if I am doing a task and have a thought about a flat tire, I’ve learned to just be patient because I’m going to be the unlucky recipient of a flat or someone I know will be getting one in the very near future. Maybe I am in a location I’ve never been in before and I feel as though I shouldn’t be there, looking into some history later may yield results that an event occurred there that was unpleasant. Research will always help validate your feelings.

Follow this link for an example!


Overthinking your own feelings, emotions and experiences will flatten your intuition. If everytime you had a feeling something wasn’t right or you had to call someone and knocked the idea down to act on it, you’d probably miss opportunities or find yourself looking back and saying “I should have acted on that.” Nothing feels worse than saying “I knew this was going to happen.”

-Hindsight is 20/20, Foresight is invaluable.

From now on what I would tell you to do is that every time you get a feeling write it down. Take a memo on your phone, voice record it. Make sure to include the date.

After that wait for any similar information to present itself in your life and make comparisons. If you find yourself 1% accurate than you are off to a great start. Build off of your accuracy, be encouraged that you are getting it right! Don’t doubt yourself, don’t overthink the information. If you are close, you are doing great! You are Psychic, we all are!


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