Have you been testing yourself? Having some doubts about your gifts? I hope not! If you have though I’m here to tell you that it is time to meet the challenge! Step out into the Spiritual Spotlight and give it a go.

Here are 3 steps to help you out!

Number 1: Start by confiding in friends and family. Those closest to you should absolutely get the direction you are headed. I would guess most wouldn’t be surprised. Tell them you would like a chance to try and use your Gift and explain that it will help you move forward on your path.

Number 2: Always be confident that Spirit will show up for you. Trust me when I tell you that Spirit will be there to give you what you are looking for during readings. Expect the first few readings to be rocky and have unexpected turns and twists. I started there and so did most people like us. Have you ever heard of a trust fall? Everyone gathers behind a person and then that person falls back blindly knowing the group will catch them. That’s what doing readings is like. Trust fall knowing Spirit will always catch you, and it will.

Number 3: Today is a better day to start than tomorrow. The sooner you start accepting your Gift and applying it to life the better you will be at using it and the more positive impact you will have on those around you! That’s what this Gift is for, blessing those around us and giving us a piece of mind that we are making a positive impact around us!

Get going! Don’t hesitate! Spirit is waiting for you and messages are going unanswered until you dial in and listen to them!

Leave a comment! Let me know how your progress is going! As always follow me on Facebook and Instagram @scottythenjmedium and check out my YouTube channel! We are live!

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