Having trouble listening to Spirit? I can help you get those Spiritual Hearing Aids in!

The first thing we have to ask ourselves is “Do I have an open mind?” If the answer is “Yes!” with enthusiasm then let’s continue.

Can you close your eyes for a moment? Think about your dream get away. Maybe sandy beaches with the smell of suntan lotion in the air and a warm breeze gently brushing your cheeks. Perhaps it’s a mountain get away, cool foggy mornings with a hot cup of java and a view that looks over valleys into three counties over.

Did you picture either of those or something a little different? Go back to that place, close your eyes and imagine the details of things you would want to experience there. Now once you get there invite a friend. Let’s make it someone who has passed and you miss them.

Got them there? Are they wearing a favorite ensemble? How do they smell? Did they bring along something fun with them they did here in life? Maybe they just have a great big hug for you!

Now that you can see them in your dream vacation spot ask them how they are. I’m telling you this is where it gets tricky, but we are just using our imagination so that’s not a big deal. When you say to them “Hey, how are ya?” Do they answer? What did they say? I bet they said they were doing great but said it exactly how you would have expected them to!

Tell them about your day or life or kids or whatever you would have spoken to them about had they been here right next to you. When you get replies I want you to remember them! After you conversation is done take a moment to recall what was said, how it made you feel and how you feel right now.

Ok, write it down.

If you have done all that, then you have completed your first step of Spirit communication. Just because “that’s what they would have said and I know that” phrase is rolling through your head doesn’t mean it wasn’t them. Once you are comfortable speaking to those you love branch out with a friend and see how you do with one of their loved ones! That’s it! Good luck and I hope Spirit fills you with love, joy and confidence!

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