What could possibly happen at a 100 plus year old hotel that has been a hotel, boarding house, home to the Irish and Italian Mafia? What kinds of activity could you possible encounter in a place where there are possibly over 20 active Spirits?

Maybe a disembodied voice or an EVP or two? How about the above and more! I recently visited the Shanley Hotel in New York State and it was amazing. I have been to many places that claimed paranormal activity but not many have lived up to the hype, so like most locations I arrived with little to no expectations of something happening. That was absolutely wrong.

First of all the Shanley has the classic haunted look from the outside, peeling white paint, old looking windows and a chillingly empty street that it sits on. As I pulled into the parking lot I could feel the electricity in the air, the Spirit Energy built up quickly. I wasn’t sure what to expect, there was no indication of how the night would go the moment the big green steal door opened and I was permitted entry into the Shanley Hotel.

I was lucky enough to have the foresight to film my hours on location in addition to the evidence capturing cameras that ran the entirety of my stay. Thanks to the parsinvestigations.com team I am sure there are volumes of evidence captured that will surface during evidence review. In the meantime I caught plenty of my own evidence, which is all put together in a nice tidy video on YouTube. You can click the link below and take a ghostly tour with me through the ornate hallways, the morgue bearing basement and the yet to be restored third floor.

Come with me, then schedule your next ghost adventure at the Haunted Shanley Hotel.

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