We learn to modify what we are doing and how we are doing it through experience.

Experience comes with time and usually it leads to growth and a much more clear path. Recently I have done my first larger (50 people) gallery reading and it was awesome. I’m currently editing footage together to show you all on my YouTube channel.

Why is this important to you? Well I started my adventure into professional Mediumship by thinking I could do it. That progessed into individual readings, to parties and now into gallery style readings.

I was nervous, not really if I could do the readings but how to do them. I am constantly trying to better myself and mostly the only way to do that is to fail. Yeah I said “fail.” I did fail a few times during my gallery reading and next time I can handle myself a bit better. Perhaps I will understand the energy better and it will be more clear as to the messages that are coming to me. I’m sure that will be the case!

I want you to read that and know that you should keep on your path, it’s ok to fail. Maybe you have already and learned and are moving on to the next technique. Maybe you just realized the old way wasn’t working anymore and needed a new way to do things, which brings me to my other love. Paranormal Investigations.

We’ve seen TV shows use night vision and static cameras forever. Have they really caught anything amazing? Every once in a while they do. What about a new way to look for the paranormal and capture it on film?

Check out my latest YouTube video for just the tip and the best part is…its on a budget ghost hunting camera tips!

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