Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was a convention for “Ghost Hunters” like there is for Comic books and movies? If so, I have just the thing for you!

There are various types of conventions and expos out there, comicon, horrorcon, trek fest and so on but perhaps the most unique gathering of all the groups of people are at this convention, the Paranormal Unity Expo. We don’t go to get scared, we go to meet our favorite paranormal TV celebrities, see new gear and maybe learn a few new tricks for investigation in the field. Most of all, for me, I like going to see old friends, people I met at the convention and those who I know from outside and meet there.

This year I had a great time meeting some new folks, seeing some new paranormal Investigators, TV and private and so much more. One of my favorite things was to go watch Dave Tango and Steven Gonsolves talk about their experiences on “Ghost Hunters” TV show. They are a great couple of guys and really funny as well.

I hope you have the time to check out my video below on YouTube of the convention this year. It was a great time!

Click this pic to watch the video!

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