That’s a fairly broad title “Knowing.” Its supposed to be and you already know why. That deep felt inkling of who you are inside is just waiting to hit the surface of the Earth and make positive life changing events happen for you and more importantly those around you!

People come up to you all of the time and they unload the pressures and problems of their lives to you, at the grocery store and the laundromat and at your kids school. What about your face says “Hey I wanna hear your problems!”? Its not your face, its your aura or your energy. It is the person who has an issue feeling you and your “vibes” and knowing they can talk to you, but more importantly get good feed back from you.

Imagine that, complete strangers knowing they can get good advice from you! What’s more unbelievable is you are reading this and are like “Yeah and every time I seemingly know exactly what to say to them.” That Knowing goes both ways, we know them and they know us. It can be dangerous if you aren’t aware of the two way street of Knowing could find yourself drained, depressed and riddled with anxiety.

Believe it or not that exchange between you and the other person can sometimes be energy taxing and leave you absolutely scrambling for that huge cup of coffee or wine. The coffee to get you moving the wine to calm the nerves. Don’t worry about it if you are just learning this now, we are going to get you set up for the rest of your life.

Knowing what you know now you can start every day fresh and rested with a nice layer of protection around you. Head back to some of my other blogs about energetic protection and cutting energy cords. You’ll find all you need to know about keeping yourself free of energy dumps and drains.

You can now go out into the world and know that when a certain kind of person reaches out to you you’ll understand that the exchange is happening and that you can avoid it or protect against energy draining while it’s happening with some easy grounding and energy protection.

I hope you liked this and that you found some helpful information!

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