So many times I sit with folks and someone from the other side comes to speak with us only for me to hear “I don’t want to speak to them.” That’s a powerful statement, someone has taken the energy to come through and the living don’t have an interest in speaking with them. That means there was a tremendous amount of pain and hurt between the two parties at some point in life.

I would never and have never said that someone is “cursed.” That’s a word I don’t believe in, at this point in my understanding of energy and how things work from a psychic and Mediumship standpoint. With that said, having a horrible relationship with someone and not making an amends with them even after they have passed is as close to a curse as I have ever seen.

When a negative, bad or downright evil person has done harm to us in life why would we forgive them when they are gone? They don’t deserve forgiveness and they aren’t getting it. I understand, I totally understand. However just read this next part: Not forgiving them leaves you with an equal amount of pain as them. They are energetically tied to you in a negative way until you forgive them. The sooner your give forgiveness the sooner they will detach from your energy and You will feel better. Forgiving is not forgetting.

You don’t have to forget what they did, you shouldn’t. The past is important it helps build us into who we are, but forgiving someone (dead or alive) will leave you feeling better. I have said it for so long and those who take the following advice always come back and tell me how much better they feel after doing it.

Write a letter to the person who you are extending forgiveness to. Write down what they did wrong to you, how you feel about it, how it affected you and why you are going to forgive them. When that is done burn the letter. That’s it. Break the energetic tie.

After you do that please write to me and tell me how you did!

Good luck!

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