There is a space between worlds, not planets or solar systems but between where we are physically now and where we head after this.

That space is normally unoccupied and very peaceful. It is the place where Spirit can come and fill space with energy and with enough meditation and focus we can tune into them there, for a few moments you can dream when you are awake and see the people you miss and love the most.

The first step is to have faith that this space exists and that you can in fact access it. Most likely you have been there before, possibly without even knowing it. When you start to fall asleep or when you just wake up and the thoughts are crystal clear and fleeting all at once. You can see and hear everything and comprehend what it is in the moment but once you go to grasp it. It is all gone.

You know this place right? Like a memory that you cannot quiet get right but you know if you focus you’ll get it back. I don’t want to call it specifically a dream because you have to be awake to experience it. That’s where the second step comes in, after the faith that it is there is in place. Patience, the patience to keep meditating until it becomes habit to remember mostly everything from your walks in this space. Once you are there the third step is easy. Before the meditation invite the people you love and miss to meet you there.

The faith with insure that you have the experience, the patience will help you get your meditation just right so you can remember the visits and all their details. Inviting who you want to see sets the intention in place.

This is the basic way Mediums like myself do what we do and most of us started this way and fall back on it when we need to refocus.

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I hope you read this and start thinking about that space, I hope you meditate on it and I hope you get what you want from the experiences you have.

Questions? Please feel free to comment and ask!

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