I have been building a client base for several years now and of course I’ve read for the same person (people) more than once. It can be more difficult to read for someone time and time again when you I pride myself in being authentic through validation.

The first time I read for this particular person I brought their Grandmother through and validated them through some specific information. Then the second time other specific information and so on until today. I sat at the table with my client and said “I’m not sure how else I’m going to validate Grandma, she is just here.” With that I get the impression if another woman in Spirit with us.

I start writing and get a name, then a visual of what they looked like. After writing it down I ask the client “Do you know a heavy set woman with large dimples named Julie?” “That was Grandma’s best friend and she is passed too!” So Grandma brought her best friend to help validate that I was once again speaking to her. Lol what a funny way to keep the validation train going!

That taught me a valuable lesson There is always something new to learn! That being from others, Spirit or through Mediumship. This particular client has been giving me lessons to learn from the get go and some day I’ll share the stories and how incredible the experiences have been over the last few years.

Make sure to go into every reading with a clear and open mind, whether you are doing the reading or the recipient. Expect to be surprised and expect to always learn something new!

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