You are a psychic medium and Halloween is on the cusp, Spirits are bombarding you and nothing makes sense. Lets sort it out. Today we will talk about the veil thinning and sorting out all those Spirits.

Lets make sure that we cover all our bases. While you may know that you are a medium or have a true psychic gift some others may not know and are just experiencing a heightened awareness to the Spirit world around them. This is for both camps.

I’ve found that during the beginning of fall that the spiritual veil begins to thin out and the Spirits on the other side are able to get a little closer to us and affect us in ways that they normally cannot. This lasts from the beginning of the Fall season until the end of the Holiday season, January-ish.

Think of the veil like this, if someone took three feel of water and placed in in front of you. you could stretch your arm through the water and touch whats on the other side, you may have to stretch a bit to get there. During the season of Halloween through the rest of the end of year celebrations the “level of water goes from three feet to maybe a foot and thinner depending on who you are and who may want to come through from the other side. It can be unnerving for those who aren’t used to Spirit communication and for the rest of us it can be just as overwhelming.

For the unexperienced reading this know that at this time of the year and the rest of the year you can absolutely take control of the situation and your life by following the exact same advice I am going to give to the more experienced folks reading.

#1. If you don’t want to speak to them, feel them, hear them simply tell them to go away. Is it that easy? yes. I do it all the time and recommend it to those who may live in paranormally or spiritually charged situations.

#2. Speak out loud to those Spirits or ghosts that may be around you. They can certainly hear us through thoughts, however there seems to be a certain power in the spoken word, no matter the language. Want them to leave? Say it. Want them to “speak” louder? Say it. Want them to slow down what they are conveying? Tell them to slow down. Easy right? Yup! Sure is!

#3. The final piece of advice? Be confident that you are (and everyone is) capable of hearing from those on the other side. Be confident that your words have power and you can send Spirits away just by speaking. You can also ask them to convey messages in ways that make sense to you.

Keep in mind that if you are reading this at any time that all the things mentioned above will work just fine for you. Keep safe in all of your Spiritual endeavors and remember to keep it light and positive.

Have a fun and safe Halloween and Spiritual season!

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