It seems that when I read about Psychic development I see the word “grounding” in sentences that say it is important so that you can connect with Spirit better. This may be, but the real reason is so that you can stay connected to our reality.

Here is your Grounding Cord

Grounding is the anchor in the sea of Spirit. It doesn’t necessarily make it easier for you to communicate with them but certainly makes it safer. Imagine if when an astronaut did a space walk they just went out there without a tether. They would float off into infinity and beyond. Well that’s the idea of your grounding cord to the Earth during Spirit communication, psychic work and even meditations.

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The cord should help provide good positive energy flow from the ground up in order to strengthen your signal but at the same time it needs to keep you firmly planted here in the third dimension so when your Spirit work is done you can come back to where you belong.

Have you ever been told you are a “space cadet?” Maybe that you aren’t present during a conversation or many conversations? Happens to me often enough. It’s because I wasn’t doing the basic thing I should have been doing, keeping a strong grounding cord to the Earth. Yeah, it’s a metaphysical cord but it works, keeps us planted on Space Station Earth. When we practice making the cord prior to every Spirit consult or meditation we do it becomes stronger and more second nature, it stays in place during our practice and when we are out doing everyday people stuff like having dinner, watching a movie or hanging out with the family.

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Remember to practice grounding yourself into our reality when you aren’t doing Spirit work, your life will be much more bright and fuller!


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