I may be going over something old but its important. All of the places you go are not haunted. You are. So to speak.

Yeah that’s a tough concept for some people to grasp, but I do countless readings where I see lines of deceased waiting to speak to the person I’m sitting with and as I’m watching the line and sometimes the circle grow the living person in front of me will tell me about all of the paranormal experiences they have had in their lives. Some even tell me that the ghosts are following them. Yeah no kidding! They know you can see and hear them!

The problem is that most folks aren’t grabbing the concept that they (YOU) are the “portal.” The difference between myself and so many others is that I have honed my focus and really tuned into the world that is beyond our own. I also thought that through my life I was just having a ton of paranormal experiences and that “all these places are haunted.” Then I realized it wasn’t every apartment and every space, it was me!

If you are reading this I want you to totally take a few minutes to reflect on that idea. Really, think back to the times paranormal things happened, you felt something that wasn’t tangible, gave information and had no idea where it came from. Hopefully you are having an epiphany right now. Spiritual lightening is hitting your brain.

Now if you are continuing on let’s talk about the focus of it. You need to slow down. Take a deep breath and acknowledge these SPIRITS. Tell them either yes “I want to speak with you” or “I am not looking to speak with you please leave.”

That’s it, just put this sign up. They will listen.

If you accept please go back and read my other blogs about meditation and learning how to understand your specific gifts. If you decided that this isn’t for you that’s totally ok also! For you I would recommend making that above statement a few times a month or whenever you are feeling overwhelmed for “no reason.” Trust me when I say that it will help.

When we say yes to helping pass messages it is a new journey in our lives and can not only enhance our own life but also those around us. You become the portal, the conduit, the Medium and it is a serious job. We all have a different version of it. Mine is what you see, I act as Medium, Spiritual Warrior, Teacher and Eye Opener and on top of it all I do it very publicly. Your journey will be different but may have some of the same roads and that’s the purpose of the blogs. Follow down the path and when you see a path that is more clearly yours, follow it. That’s it!

Make sure if you see me say hello and let’s get a pic! I loved this and my daughter was delighted. Lol

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  1. I so wish I was special like you. Meeting you was one of my best life expectancies. I hope to learn to medatate with your videos soon, I sure could use alittle peace hereπŸ™‹βœŒπŸΌοΈ.please stay safe! Love from alabama

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