How can I explain an easy way to quiet the mind? Well its a different experience and method for each of us. I always tell people in order to be able to achieve tapping into your paychic ability is about Meditation and being quiet in your own mind.
Your head is your space. You cannot let other people into it, that means all the daily day to day tasks, appointments, school, finance, they all have to leave. Well that can be easier said than done, I know all of those things rent space in each of our heads and they all have a “voice.” Each voice is different and bring different level of “anxiety” which is really just an importance level you have assigned in your mind. Thats all good, for sure. It makes sure the kids are picked up from school, work tasks are accomplished and the bills are paid. All of those things are your “Big Voice” inside your head.
Well if there is a big voice, there must be a
“Little voice.” You would be correct. That little voice in there is like a nagging kid in the backseat! “I know you are talking but I have to drive this car safely and get us where we are going!” What if you could let go of the steering wheel for a few minutes, the ride is completely self driving and completely safe. Now you can listen to that little voice in the back tell you all kinds of things. The colors of the world you are missing, the things you have forgotten about. You can listen to the questions and ponder the answers more deeply. You can enjoy that little voice a little more. That little voice can also give you wisdom because that little voice is not a child it is your intuition and it is actually quiet loud if you let it be.

Now that you hopefully understand with my little analogy of what intuition is and what the little voice is, you’ll understand how to focus on it with a few tips, which I’ll give you now.

1. Put it on autopilot. What can we do to achieve our bodies autopilot? Everyone is different and it really comes down to a few things. You need to know what relaxes you, on a big scale at first. What do you do to forget the world around you so you can listen to the world inside of you?
I will link a few really amazing YouTube videos here that are just relaxing and calming music or white noise. Find one that fits you.
When you have done that find something dark to place over your eyes like a sleep mask or even just a dark tshirt.

2.Lay down in your bed, put the music you have chosen at a comfortable level and now put your mask over your eyes.
2. Set your intention. You have come this far. You want to clear your mind, relax and get in the mood to be calm or to connect with your higher self, guides or Spirit. This is where focusing on your breathing helps. Feel your chest rise, feel it fall. Feel the air go in and out of your nose. Take several deep breaths. Relax. See the darkness, recognize it. As you focuse on the dark and breathing your ears will hear the sounds you’ve picked much better. Do this for a few minutes. You will feel sleepy. Calm and relaxed. Nothing else aside from what you are doing matters. Not the bills, not work, not your chore list. This is for you, this will help you be a better more focused individual the better you get at it.

Here is your blank movie screen. What do you see?

3. With your imagination put a TV screen, phone or movie theater screen in front of you. Project it onto that screen. Its blank right now, it’s all that is in front of you though. Once you can see the screen well pick something, any topic you want to reflect on. See the images of that topic flicker to life in front of you. If you are seeking a Guide as them to appear, if you are seeking a deceased loved one, ask them to appear. If you are looking for guidance on a deep personal decision ask the related answer to appear.

Once you have worked through those three steps you will be able to meditate easily. It takes time, give yourself the time. You can so this day or night. Make sure you aren’t too tired or you’ll just fall asleep. Once you’ve worked this out it is important to document what you saw, felt and “heard.”  (The thoughts you had during the meditation.)

Things absolutely will be foggy at first. Clearing away all stress and life is not easy, it’s an exercise. One that needs to be repeated often to get better at. Once you become proficient at it thought, you’ll do it while awake. You’ll learn to make better decisions based on you intuitive self and hopefully you’ll be calmer and better equipped to deal with anxiety and stress. You’ll be able to go to a relaxing quiet space in your mind whenever you need in order to escape the waking stress. Then you can better handle the stress without feeling overloaded and trapped by it.

Stay tuned for my own video on my YouTube chanel where I will do a guided meditation.

I hope this helps you clear your mind, focus and gain the insight you have been looking for. Please follow my blog, leave a comment and share with your friends!


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