Wow, just wow. Being an Empath is exhaustive! We are getting to that time of year too, when everyone feels bared down on, worn out and tired. 2020 has made that feeling even more amplified by not giving any of us a break. Pandemic, job loss, money issues, political crisis and so much more. If 2020 was a movie the trailer would look like a horror movie. I don’t think I’d be inclined to watch, horror movies get me worked up in the worst ways. I feel for the characters on screen, yeah, even ones that may be getting what they deserve.

Thats being an Empath. Feeling others emotions and maybe even getting those sympathy pains too. That’s just from watching a movie. Imagine what it’s like to be around real life people. A little harder to imagine right now with things being “locked down.” I hate buzz words but that one is going to ring in my ears like a school bell for as long as I live. The pressures everyone is feeling are the same I’m feeling and if you are an empath, than you are feeling it too. How to cope? Thats the question.

1. Take a breath. Slow controlled breaths tell our mind that everything is going to be ok.

2. Make a plan. Take the guess out of the day. Make a plan and stick to it. If things come up that are not in the plan, take a breath, handle it, get back to the plan.

3. Repeat after me: “I’m stronger than the circumstances presented to me and I’m going to make it.” Thats an easy mantra I want you to apply to life.

Scott, how does this help me with my Empathic nature? Well it helps take the anxiety out of the day. When people approach you with their own stressors you can hit step 1. Then see if its in the plan, no? Step 1 a few times. Deal with the new issues. Don’t over stress yourself with others issues and then remember #3. You got this. 2020 is a pain in the ass! However you are strongest person you know and its time to take your feelings and your life back!

Have steps you want to add? Leave me a comment and tell me what they are!

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