The Winding Road to….

Sometimes it feels like the road to no where, then I remember that at the end of this life it will be somewhere. A paradise. A place to finally relax, be done with work and be at Home.

The negativity spouted at myself and people like me, Mediums and such., by “holy rollers” is just unbelievable. I have never met a group that says love everyone and then preaches hatred against others like these folks. I don’t pretend to know it all but I am certain that God would not give an extraordinary Gift to All of Us unless He wanted us to use it. I don’t claim to be the way to anything or preach about religion, hell I skirt the issue usually. My beliefs and values are not the same as everyone’s but I do try to be moral and lead a good life. I pray, I attempt to do good things with no expectation of reward. The path, the wide road it turned into is tough enough without being questioned by someone who has a devout belief that “You are going to hell for what you do.”

How many fund raisers have you done? How many families have you sat with and consoled? How much good have you done to spread the actual Love of God? Maybe more than me, I am just a guy trying to figure it out but I am also a Man who is using something amazing to do his part in a way that I find to be authentic and accessible to many. Is there an afterlife? Yeah, for sure there is. Thats my Faith speaking. Is there a Heaven? Yes. Thats my experience speaking.  Even for those tortured earthly souls who could not manage any longer and took there own lives! God forgives. God Loves. I’ve spoken to the souls of those who were unfortunate enough to not want to be here any more. My Faith in God has never been stronger. I will attest to that right now! So if “The Devil” is trying to steal me from my faith and God then the Devil done fd up because I walk with the Lord and need Him in my life because I am not perfect I’m not even that good. I’m just a man, a man with a gift. I didn’t ask for it, I didn’t seek it. God gave it to me. I am going to use it forever to spread as much Love and Positivity as I can.

This is the first and last time I will ever be “preachy” but if anyone questions my Love for God or my Faith again….well, I’ll pray for you. Your soul is hurt and more lost than mine on this road to Heaven.


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  1. Scott- this is a beautiful response. When Ive been chastised for believing in what persons say is โ€˜utter nonsenseโ€™, I always ask the question- Do you believe that God has given people certain gifts and talents? After almost always a response in the positive, I ask them- Then why do you choose to NOT believe in the gift of mediumship? There is ususally silence.
    I do have to say that there a lot of people Ive run into who say it is all malarkey. They perhaps choose not to believe because they are scared. Most are frightened of the unknown.
    Thank you for sharing your gift with the world!

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