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Knowing (Protect from Energy Draining)

That’s a fairly broad title “Knowing.” Its supposed to be and you already know why. That deep felt inkling of who you are inside is just waiting to hit the surface of the Earth and make positive life changing events happen for you and more importantly those around you!

People come up to you all of the time and they unload the pressures and problems of their lives to you, at the grocery store and the laundromat and at your kids school. What about your face says “Hey I wanna hear your problems!”? Its not your face, its your aura or your energy. It is the person who has an issue feeling you and your “vibes” and knowing they can talk to you, but more importantly get good feed back from you.

Imagine that, complete strangers knowing they can get good advice from you! What’s more unbelievable is you are reading this and are like “Yeah and every time I seemingly know exactly what to say to them.” That Knowing goes both ways, we know them and they know us. It can be dangerous if you aren’t aware of the two way street of Knowing could find yourself drained, depressed and riddled with anxiety.

Believe it or not that exchange between you and the other person can sometimes be energy taxing and leave you absolutely scrambling for that huge cup of coffee or wine. The coffee to get you moving the wine to calm the nerves. Don’t worry about it if you are just learning this now, we are going to get you set up for the rest of your life.

Knowing what you know now you can start every day fresh and rested with a nice layer of protection around you. Head back to some of my other blogs about energetic protection and cutting energy cords. You’ll find all you need to know about keeping yourself free of energy dumps and drains.

You can now go out into the world and know that when a certain kind of person reaches out to you you’ll understand that the exchange is happening and that you can avoid it or protect against energy draining while it’s happening with some easy grounding and energy protection.

I hope you liked this and that you found some helpful information!

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Paranormal Unity Expo!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if there was a convention for “Ghost Hunters” like there is for Comic books and movies? If so, I have just the thing for you!

There are various types of conventions and expos out there, comicon, horrorcon, trek fest and so on but perhaps the most unique gathering of all the groups of people are at this convention, the Paranormal Unity Expo. We don’t go to get scared, we go to meet our favorite paranormal TV celebrities, see new gear and maybe learn a few new tricks for investigation in the field. Most of all, for me, I like going to see old friends, people I met at the convention and those who I know from outside and meet there.

This year I had a great time meeting some new folks, seeing some new paranormal Investigators, TV and private and so much more. One of my favorite things was to go watch Dave Tango and Steven Gonsolves talk about their experiences on “Ghost Hunters” TV show. They are a great couple of guys and really funny as well.

I hope you have the time to check out my video below on YouTube of the convention this year. It was a great time!

Click this pic to watch the video!

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Want to see me on Inside Edition as I investigate Miss Fannys Paranormal Party House? Yeah you do! Click this link and check that amazing video out!

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We learn to modify what we are doing and how we are doing it through experience.

Experience comes with time and usually it leads to growth and a much more clear path. Recently I have done my first larger (50 people) gallery reading and it was awesome. I’m currently editing footage together to show you all on my YouTube channel.

Why is this important to you? Well I started my adventure into professional Mediumship by thinking I could do it. That progessed into individual readings, to parties and now into gallery style readings.

I was nervous, not really if I could do the readings but how to do them. I am constantly trying to better myself and mostly the only way to do that is to fail. Yeah I said “fail.” I did fail a few times during my gallery reading and next time I can handle myself a bit better. Perhaps I will understand the energy better and it will be more clear as to the messages that are coming to me. I’m sure that will be the case!

I want you to read that and know that you should keep on your path, it’s ok to fail. Maybe you have already and learned and are moving on to the next technique. Maybe you just realized the old way wasn’t working anymore and needed a new way to do things, which brings me to my other love. Paranormal Investigations.

We’ve seen TV shows use night vision and static cameras forever. Have they really caught anything amazing? Every once in a while they do. What about a new way to look for the paranormal and capture it on film?

Check out my latest YouTube video for just the tip and the best part is…its on a budget ghost hunting camera tips!

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Want to see me on Inside Edition as I investigate Miss Fannys Paranormal Party House? Yeah you do! Click this link and check that amazing video out!

Click the link below to visit the Shanley Hotels web page to book an investigation!

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The Haunted Shanley Hotel

What could possibly happen at a 100 plus year old hotel that has been a hotel, boarding house, home to the Irish and Italian Mafia? What kinds of activity could you possible encounter in a place where there are possibly over 20 active Spirits?

Maybe a disembodied voice or an EVP or two? How about the above and more! I recently visited the Shanley Hotel in New York State and it was amazing. I have been to many places that claimed paranormal activity but not many have lived up to the hype, so like most locations I arrived with little to no expectations of something happening. That was absolutely wrong.

First of all the Shanley has the classic haunted look from the outside, peeling white paint, old looking windows and a chillingly empty street that it sits on. As I pulled into the parking lot I could feel the electricity in the air, the Spirit Energy built up quickly. I wasn’t sure what to expect, there was no indication of how the night would go the moment the big green steal door opened and I was permitted entry into the Shanley Hotel.

I was lucky enough to have the foresight to film my hours on location in addition to the evidence capturing cameras that ran the entirety of my stay. Thanks to the team I am sure there are volumes of evidence captured that will surface during evidence review. In the meantime I caught plenty of my own evidence, which is all put together in a nice tidy video on YouTube. You can click the link below and take a ghostly tour with me through the ornate hallways, the morgue bearing basement and the yet to be restored third floor.

Come with me, then schedule your next ghost adventure at the Haunted Shanley Hotel.

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Meet the Challenge

Have you been testing yourself? Having some doubts about your gifts? I hope not! If you have though I’m here to tell you that it is time to meet the challenge! Step out into the Spiritual Spotlight and give it a go.

Here are 3 steps to help you out!

Number 1: Start by confiding in friends and family. Those closest to you should absolutely get the direction you are headed. I would guess most wouldn’t be surprised. Tell them you would like a chance to try and use your Gift and explain that it will help you move forward on your path.

Number 2: Always be confident that Spirit will show up for you. Trust me when I tell you that Spirit will be there to give you what you are looking for during readings. Expect the first few readings to be rocky and have unexpected turns and twists. I started there and so did most people like us. Have you ever heard of a trust fall? Everyone gathers behind a person and then that person falls back blindly knowing the group will catch them. That’s what doing readings is like. Trust fall knowing Spirit will always catch you, and it will.

Number 3: Today is a better day to start than tomorrow. The sooner you start accepting your Gift and applying it to life the better you will be at using it and the more positive impact you will have on those around you! That’s what this Gift is for, blessing those around us and giving us a piece of mind that we are making a positive impact around us!

Get going! Don’t hesitate! Spirit is waiting for you and messages are going unanswered until you dial in and listen to them!

Leave a comment! Let me know how your progress is going! As always follow me on Facebook and Instagram @scottythenjmedium and check out my YouTube channel! We are live!

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Don’t overthink your Intuition! You are Psychic!

When people ask “How did you know you had this ability?” I always tell them

“I didn’t know!”

What did I know? That when I was getting information from beyond my 5 senses that it had to be verified and that and I wasn’t going to overthink it.

Don’t overthink your intuition! That’s the number 1 rule to understanding your higher self and your knowing of information beyond your 5 senses. For instance if I am doing a task and have a thought about a flat tire, I’ve learned to just be patient because I’m going to be the unlucky recipient of a flat or someone I know will be getting one in the very near future. Maybe I am in a location I’ve never been in before and I feel as though I shouldn’t be there, looking into some history later may yield results that an event occurred there that was unpleasant. Research will always help validate your feelings.

Follow this link for an example!


Overthinking your own feelings, emotions and experiences will flatten your intuition. If everytime you had a feeling something wasn’t right or you had to call someone and knocked the idea down to act on it, you’d probably miss opportunities or find yourself looking back and saying “I should have acted on that.” Nothing feels worse than saying “I knew this was going to happen.”

-Hindsight is 20/20, Foresight is invaluable.

From now on what I would tell you to do is that every time you get a feeling write it down. Take a memo on your phone, voice record it. Make sure to include the date.

After that wait for any similar information to present itself in your life and make comparisons. If you find yourself 1% accurate than you are off to a great start. Build off of your accuracy, be encouraged that you are getting it right! Don’t doubt yourself, don’t overthink the information. If you are close, you are doing great! You are Psychic, we all are!


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Hey everyone! The Vlog is up and running! I’m up to #8! There are no signs of stopping so get involved! I’ll tell you my master plan, super master plan to my videos!

I’m still going to be writing my blog, and probably more often because I’m doing more than I ever thought! That is thanks to the Vlog, a video series where I’m documenting my day to day and editing the footage together to tell a story and tie in a message!

That’s the spring board to other stuff! Exploring strange and haunted areas, guests from the paranormal field, other mediums and psychics. Also, I’ll be making videos teaching you just like I have here!

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New Year New Beginnings!

Hey everyone!

Nice to see you all out there! Are you ready for some new and amazing things in 2019? I know I am! How are we starting it out? Well a little early to tell you the truth. I already started my vlog for 2019. Episode 1 is already up on YouTube. Click the link below to check out out, then lets talk about some of the new things happening around here and how I plan on helping you with your Mediumship and Psychic development.

Click here⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ to see Vlog 1!

I hope you had fun checking that out. Now that you have subscribed to my YouTube channel you can see when I upload new content including special talks that integrate with the blogs I write here. That means you can read the material and have some audio and visual aid to help you along.

We are going to go on a video adventure together in 2019. I’ll be chronicling mostly all that I’m doing, including events, reading and my home life. I’ll be writing special lessons to teach you all how to unlock your potential Psychic abilities!

I’ll be showing you how to apply your gifts in a practical manner that you can incorporate in your every day life. I’ll also be giving special lessons on how to start a small business like I have done and how to make it successful!

It’s all about learning and teaching and accelerating through life becoming better than we were yesterday! Lets make 2019 the best year yet!

Thanks for coming on this journey with me, I’m super excited to make new memories with you all! Let’s do readings, let’s make content and let’s have fun!


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Speak your truth and be good to others!

I feel as though we shouldn’t have to go past the title of today’s blog. We of course will and it won’t be preachy, I promise.

As I’ve gone through life my opinions have changed and most certainly my way of conveying those ideas has morphed. When I was young I was outspoken and whatever I said was right and anyone who disagreed with me was clearly wrong. I was in a band, I wrote lyrics about my life and any chance I got would scream them at the top of my lungs. I’m not a famous rock star so that didn’t really work out, it just wasn’t my path. I still love to create music by the way, it is a great stress relief. So the music thing was my platform and the lyrics were my truth, at the time.

A very embarrassing photo of my much younger goofball self. Clearly I was having a great time though.

I learned lots from those days of playing , writing and collaborating with others. I learned that some people shared the same truths as me and many had different ideas that didn’t match my own. Often I look back and am upset that I didn’t have the guts to listen to their opinions. What gems did I miss out on? For a second let’s think about “truth.” What we believe to be fact. There are scientific truths, we breath oxygen and the sky is blue and science explains why. How about a truth that isn’t scientific (yet)? We as humans have the capability to speak to the dead and far beyond that dimension if we open to it. What!?

Yeah, that’s my truth and it’s expanding every day. If I went back to 2002 and told 20 year old me that to my face, I would get mocked, called a hippy and maybe thrown back in the time machine I came out of. 20 year old me wasn’t ready for the truth that I have found now. Now, let’s pretend there are other people out there of all ages genders and race who aren’t ready for that truth. Wait, we don’t have to pretend, that’s a real fact. It’s cool though, they don’t have to adhere to my truth. I don’t even try to explain it to them, I am certainly not looking for confrontation. Even though I personally have been goaded into arguments many times before, I now know through time and experience it doesn’t move the conversation forward. They don’t have the same perspective I do so how could they understand this truth?

Now, just because we don’t believe the same thing doesn’t mean we have to be mean to each other. Actually I find that when people don’t understand where I am coming from I will work harder to being depth into the Spiritual Gift I have. My platform changed since the days of a dim lit stage and a sweet Fender Jag-Stang guitar. I now have this, the internet, my blog and Facebook and Instagram. Amazing places for like minded people to meet and share ideas. I don’t have to shout or be offensively loud to get my point across. I just type or make a video. It’s amazing. The best part? If someone comes to be a troll or a genuine pain in the neck I can just remove them. I don’t have to be mean or “stoop to their level.” (Hmmm matching thier low vibration?) I simply hit a button and they are ignored. Luckily I haven’t really dealt with it much. People tend to find me because they need peace and kind words that are coming from a genuine place.

Let me tell you, I have never and will never say I am perfect or don’t judge. I’m not going to put that untruth out there. I am a human and I make decisions on judgment of people all the time. It’s not a trait I love, especially when it is skin deep. The thing I have learned however is to keep it to myself whether I am in front of them or over the internet. My opinion of someone else does not matter. It is not a truth. Just like when someone speaks on me and they do not know me. They are not speaking a truth, they are just judging on their perspective and values. We can disagree on most things and still get along, I try to implement that as often as I can.

I love to say “good morning” and “thank you” and “your welcome.” Not in a corny cheeseball way. In a genuine respectful way. Connect with others and be genuine. Since I have been implementing that thought. That very intention my Spirit has grown and the negative has stopped flowing my way in a very noticeable volume. Life is becoming better.

For your future growth as a person as a Soul and perhaps as a Medium or Psychic Speak your truth. Speak it proudly. When others look to disagree let them. Do not engage with them. They are just behind your Spiritual growth, like 20 year old me. I didn’t know any better. Just smile at them and thank your higher self and whomever on the other side for your perspective and insight. You are blessed. Life is good, Spirit is good and you can infect others with your gestures and kindness that stem from your Spiritual Truth.

I hope that you enjoyed this, I certainly loved writing it. I know that you will understand this and take the message and run with it. That’s the intent. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing you on my Facebook page and on Instagram @scottythenjmedium

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Akashic Record Readings

When I hit “walls” and there is no growth I must find a new way around the block and in your life and journey so must you.

Many times I find myself going back to basics in order to find a new path and direction to head in. What does that mean? Sometimes readings are a bit unremarkable to me, sometimes remote viewing becomes commonplace. Once upon a no so long time ago those were crowing achievements in my gifts. I am engaged in readings almost daily and remote viewing when necessary. I love the paranormal investigations and the finding the “reason” behind the “haunting.” Problem solving is a huge part of utilizing this gift, those reading this who have gifts know that already.

Sometimes the problem solving is figuring out what it is exactly that your gift is and then how to implement it into your life. Do you act on it as I have and teach as much as you can while earning some extra on the side? Do you go and completely give yourself and gifts to others for the sake of doing good deeds? Maybe you keep it to yourself and just use it when its handy like a multi-tool in your pocket.

Whatever you do with it is obviously your choice. I decided that my initial path was this blog and to do Mediumship Readings, reaching people through Facebook and Instagram. Letting people know this gift is not a “curse” some who have it view it. I like the practical applications of these gifts, insight, healing and maybe what feels like a little magik from time to time.

My path has been clear for a while until recently, I was directed by my highest Guide to learn about the Akashic records. I started immediately meditating on them, finding YouTube videos on them and wandering the web looking for “practical” descriptions of what an Akashic Record was. I think that Edgar Cayce described it the best, I’ll link to a YouTube video about him and his life. You will enjoy it I’m sure.

Edgar Cayce video⬇️⬇️⬇️

He said that the records (and I’m paraphrasing here) were in a type of energy field around the planet and that energy stored every moment of every soul from the day it was created. What does that mean? It means that no matter who you’ve been or where and when that was there is a record of it. More importantly it is accessible to those people who want to read them.

What good can come from reading a souls Akashic Record? Well it’s good for identifying old habits that could be harmful or blocking that you’ve either developed in this lifetime or even another. I also have to tell you this, let me get my highlighter real quick.

*gets highlighter

Readings of the Akashic records also identify positive habits and joyful times through a souls journey. When positive attributes are identified we can use them to build on now!

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How amazing is that last statement? For me it is absolutely the most important part of the whole journey, for me and for you as well. You’ll have to trust me on this and that gets me back to the path I’m on now.

My readings bring healing and happiness with closure and usually a bit of magik, I use that last word as a way to keep your attention. When the world becomes a bit hard or stale reach back to your happiness and bring it forward. If you can’t find it maybe I can with an Akashic Reading, which will be coming soon.

What questions do you have about the Akashic Records? Have you ever had your read? What would you do if you could read the Akashic Records? Comment below and as always find me on Facebook and Instagram!

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