Have you been practicing meditating and opening your Chakras up? Have you been concentrating on letting the energy flow and light up your intuition? I hope the answer is YES to all of those because the Spiritual Energy Meter is in a peak right now and you are primed to tap in!

My Spirit Guides have been pushing me to tell YOU the right time to tap into YOUR Gifts and that time is right NOW!

Close your eyes, feel the Energy coming up from the Earth and let it bring you confidence! Whatever you positive Spiritual Journey is now is the time to get moving!

Set your intentions, what are they? Psychic Readings, Mediumship, Healer, Intuitive or other? Whatever it is even if it doesn’t have a label yet start it!

Want to know where to connect to Spirit during Meditation? Click the link below!

In my time doing this I have never felt such a positive upswing in Spiritual Energy! Now is the time to make strong connections with those like minded around you, Earthly and otherwise. Now is the time to grab ahold of your Spiritual Destiny and bring it to the surface of your life to influence yourself and others!

There are lots if explanation points in there and that’s because I want you to be just as excited for this as I am!

Remember your three basic steps:

1. Set an Intention

2. Meditate

3. Trust your Intuition

I hope you take my enthusiastic advice and move forward now! Even if you are finding this years after it’s written that’s ok because it is YOUR time and that time exists in YOUR space and fits YOUR journey! Good luck!

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