As I sat at dinner tonight with my family, at a popular chain restaurant I had an old feeling wash over me. Loud uncontrollable Spirit noise.

Wow, it was uncomfortable, I could hear peoples issues and inner thoughts (not mind reading by a long shot) things they kept away from the people they loved and knew dearly. It was translated into anxiety for me. It was becoming overwhelming. I had to go to a place I learned about from others, meditation space. I had to ground and protect myself.

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By the time I go myself together it was already too late, my skin was crawling my thoughts were racing and I was not having a good night anymore. It was time to go to my pocket, old trusty celenite. I held it and ran my energy through it, helping filter out the noise of everyone around me. Finally I was feeling peace again. I wasn’t at my 100% self but I was better than I was.

When I got back home I had to salt shower and do a quiet meditation to push away all that I had accidentally absorbed. It’s tough to be an Empath and a Medium. It used to be worse, I didn’t know how to do any of the rescue methods and I didn’t know that I was even being affected by all of those other peoples energy. It took a long time and lots of energy to understand what was happening.

Does this sound familiar to you? If it does and you find yourself overwhelmed like I described follow these three Rescue steps.

1. Take a deep breath and realize you are being affected by others.

2. Close your eyes. Find what comforts you. Focus on it.

3. Stay calm and exit the area as soon as you can.

After doing these immediate action rescue steps it’s time to get home and do a deep meditation, however or whatever works for you and take a salt shower.

Make sure to practice the rescue steps when you aren’t being overwhelmed that way when it does happen you’ll be prepared. Also, it doesn’t hurt to purchase some celenite for your pocket.

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